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who we are?

TimeGuard is a local time and attendance solution developer. We understand the local market and have customised our software, processes and how we interact with clients to match. Our innovative and proven application gives our clients the ability to effectively monitor their businesses, successfully manage labour costs and monitor employee attendance from anywhere on the globe.

what we do?

Our only focus is time and attendance. We don't sell other products or services. This isn't a side-line business or a second revenue stream. We do time and attendance. This has allowed us to gain a lot of knowledge and insight into what works and what doesn't. We don't focus on features that don't work. We spend our time and train our clients to focus on the tasks and procedures that matter and make a positive difference to their time and money.

For any business time is a valuable commodity, any wasted time can result in massive losses. Therefore, TimeGuard’s time and attendance management is an invaluable tool, whether you have multiple locations, or are a small business. Time and attendance management can become a messy and complex endeavour. Simplify your business with TimeGuard.

TimeGuard provides an application that is customisable, and which has been developed through innovative thinking. We can configure our solution in many different ways and have successfully implemented it in many different environments and industries throughout South Africa. Our accurate time and attendance systems give you greater insight into your employees, the time they spend on work and the return on investment because of their work.

why choose us?

We excel in two areas: training and support. Our training was designed in-house. We don't show you how to get a report, we show you what report to look at under what circumstances. We train clients how and when to look at the data provided, turn that into information that is relevant to their business and use that to make better decisions in their business. We have non-call-centre based support. When you call us, an I.T. person is ready and able to assist you. Whether you forgot your username or want to query an employee's hours, or anything in between, our support can assist quickly, friendly and accurately.

the benefits of timeguard
time and attendance systems

cost effective

With our experience we have developed techniques to show you how to save money on your wages and overtime bills. In addition to that, due to the systematized nature of our procedures, we can drastically reduce your admin time. This reduction in time translates directly into saved Rands and Cents.


Fingerprint and biometric technology form a core part of our solution, which means that staff can't buddy clock for each other, and you are assured that you aren't paying any ghost staff. This all means that you have greater accuracy in your staff's time and attendance, and payroll.

multiple site management

Our solution was designed with multiple site management in mind. If you have multiple locations or deploy staff from a head office to many client sites, gathering timesheets can be a nightmare, as well as very costly. Once setup, our solution is automated and autonomous. You sit at any desk and gather your staff calculated hours at the click of a button.

increased productivity

TimeGuard Time and Attendance solutions reduces the time it takes to run payroll, and at the same time increase data accuracy, as hours are automatically calculated and can be exported into payroll, eliminating manual capturing. This leads to increased productivity as well as saving business costs.

intuitive and
user friendly

Our software was designed locally for the local market, making it well suited for clients in South Africa We back this up with non-call-centre based support, which makes for a warm and friendly experience that makes sense to local businesses.

proprietary software

To ensure that you get a better and better solution, we make regular improvements to our software and more importantly, our service. Over years we have listened to our clients and modified the interface and upgraded the features to make it easier to use. This means a more intuitive and smoother experience for our clients.

what our clients say