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TimeGuard provides advanced web-based time and attendance solutions. This innovative and proven application gives our clients the ability to effectively monitor their businesses, successfully manage labour costs and monitor employee attendance from anywhere on the globe. For any business time is a valuable commodity, any wasted time can result in massive losses. Therefore, TimeGuard’s time and attendance management is an invaluable tool, whether you have multiple locations, or are a small business. Time and attendance management can become a messy and complex endeavour. Simplify your business with TimeGuard.

Our accurate time and attendance systems give you greater insight into your employees, the time they spend on work and the return on investment because of their work.

TimeGuard time and attendance is an application rich in features and developed through innovative thinking. The application can be configured in a multitude of ways to suit your individual requirements. TimeGuard’s time and attendance biometric clock-in solutions can be installed in many businesses, at many locations.

the benefits of timeguard
time and attendance systems

cost effective

Our system is designed and proven to reduce administration expenses while still improving controls and gaining accuracy in your recording of time and attendance. In all businesses, hours and minutes can be directly translated into Rands and Cents.


Fingerprint technology forms a core part of our solution, which means that staff can't buddy clock for each other and you are assured that you aren't paying any ghost staff. This all means that you have greater accuracy in your staff's time and attendance, and payroll.

multiple site management

Through our advanced wireless technology, you are given the correct tools to monitor your employee movements, and time and attendance on multiple sites simultaneously. This is a simple and easy process, providing you with a streamlined service and much needed peace of mind.

increased productivity

TimeGuard Time and Attendance solutions reduces the time it takes to run payroll, and at the same time increase data accuracy, by automating the transfer of time-keeping information. This leads to increased productivity as well as saving business costs.

intuitive and
user friendly

We are committed to providing flexible and advanced services, able to suit many businesses with unique requirements.

proprietary software

To ensure that you get a better and better solution, we make regular improvements to our software and service.