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The Cloud: Profit Engine For Tomorrow

Cloud computing now accounts for a large amount of business for the big players, especially Amazon, Google and Microsoft

When the presenters of Top Gear, the world's most profitable TV show, were looking for a new home for their irreverent brand of humour and car reviewing, they landed, not at a traditional broadcaster, but with Amazon.

Amazon, that gargantuan e-commerce operation, is also the world's biggest supplier of cloud services, including its video-strea...

A man's fingers operate a touch screen device.

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The Technological Future

We are living in the technological age. Communication has become easier, if less intimate, while security systems have developed rapidly. Our safety and security systems have become something out of a science fiction novel of the 70s. Who would have thought that fingerprint readers and card access control systems would become the norm? Well, technology is still advancing and we grow right alongside it. We look forward to what the technological future holds...

A calculator transforms into a desktop into a laptop and into an iPad.

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