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TimeGuard is an established time and attendance systems and clock in solution provider. What sets us apart as an industry leader is our focus on non-call centre-based support. When you request support from us, you are speaking to actual I.T. people that can assist with any related query that you may have. In addition, our software is our own. We developed it in house, so we have the required skills and knowledge to assist client quickly and effectively. We combined this with biometric technology, including fingerprint, palm and facial readers, to ensure reliable, accurate, real-time data. This has allowed us to become a leading name in time and attendance in South Africa. TimeGuard specialises in web-based time and attendance, allowing you to access all your staff's attendance records and complete your payroll from a central location at any time, with ease.

We offer full integration into many payroll platforms. Our highly sought after and technologically advanced system is designed for many businesses, from a single site office to large multiple-site corporations as well as the public sector. TimeGuard already provides renowned clocking and staff management solutions to a comprehensive range of clients in numerous industries. We are proud to be a leading time and attendance technology solutions provider. After all, time wasted is money lost. With TimeGuard you can make sure that all your staff are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there.

the timeguard difference

web-based and technologically advanced

TimeGuard understands the importance of monitoring time and attendance for modern business. As technology experts, we developed a reliable, advanced and proven time and attendance product.

Our web-based time and attendance solution is used to monitor staff attendance on any site, from single sites to multiple sites. As a web-based solution, you can monitor your staff's attendance, anytime, anywhere.

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comprehensive, secure and stress-free monitoring

Your time and attendance monitoring information can be accessed through your computer or on the move on your laptop. Customizable security levels allow you to decide what level of system access you give your system administrators.

We put you in control. We give you the tools you need to get the most from your staff and reduce your wage bill, while we handle all the stress behind the scenes.

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tailor-made and feature rich application

TimeGuard, time and attendance solution, is an innovative and feature rich application. The strength of this solution is that it can be adjusted to suit almost any requirements.

We offer tailor-made solutions based on your business rules, ensuring that your specific requirements are met effectually. This is how TimeGuard can be installed in a multitude of varying environments.

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