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of our solution

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  • Employ less staff to process payroll, which means a lower bill
  • More time to manage staff as processing of staff's hours is quicker
  • System is emotionless: it has no bias for favourite staff, which means accurate data
  • Data is available in almost real time, so no more waiting a week to process payroll
  • View your data where ever you have internet and a laptop
  • Low cost, as no special infrastructure is required (only the reader)
  • Don't worry about backing up data or server infrastructure, as we handle it all
  • No need to travel to site, so cost to monitor remote sites is relatively very low
  • Very low relative cost to monitor multiple sites, all over the country
  • Unlimited email and telephonic support

cloud based software

the future

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  • Cloud-based software accessible any time, from anywhere with internet access
  • Clients have access to improvements and new features at no cost
  • Automatically downloads clock data, calculates hours, and splits hours into normal time, over time, etc.
  • Developed with the user experience as a key driver, ensuring that the system is uncomplicated
  • Software is feature rich and informative with multiple reports
  • Safe and secure, including editing functions and an audit trail so administrators' actions can be tracked
  • Comprehensive rules to suits many businesses
  • Integrates with many major payrolls and all reports can be exported to excel
  • Seamless and comprehensive solution to managing multiple sites
  • Load numerous time and attendance rules, for different departments or shifts
  • Automatically recognize public holidays and customized public holiday rules
  • Allows for customizable levels of security, from a branch level to head office, etc.


technical specifications

Computer microchips.
  • Various biometric technologies technology
  • No buddy clocking or ghost staff
  • Hardware is ip50 rated
  • Easy to use, making staff's life a breeze
  • Stores multiple biometric template for each staff member
  • Stores 100000 clock records locally
  • On-board backup battery
  • Built-in redundancies for network down time
  • Basic access control capability